Emotional Connections To Physical Illness

Check out my latest Health Brief in the November Issue of Natural Awakenings on Page 23!

How many times have you heard that disease is synonymous with “dis-ease”?  It has been no mystery to anyone who has been involved in alternative types of treatment that the majority of any ailment, if not all, is directly related to emotional issues.  The basis of this is that any emotion i.e. stress/anxiety/depression/anger/fear, if not resolved, will eventually manifest as a physical illness.  These negative emotions cause physiological changes in the body that lead to a decrease in your immune system, an increase in inflammation and elevated levels of pain. Finally, Western Medicine is publically acknowledging this connection as seen in the recent publications of studies showing how certain negative emotions are causing an increase in pain, inflammation and even increasing the risk for certain types of cancer and chronic diseases.

With many types of alternative treatment continuing to come to the forefront, different energy treatments can be utilized to help people deal with these situations. Energy treatments require an individual to be willing to go on a very personal journey. It is not a quick fix but rather a process whereby emotional and physical issues are dealt with based on the desire to get well. It is not unlike the process of peeling away layers of an onion. The first layers are very easy to get to while the deeper ones require a bit of work. Anyone who wants to get well by working to resolve their emotional issues and, by doing so, heal their physical ailments, will be able to work with any type of energy healing, either as a stand-alone therapy or in addition to other treatments. 

At SearchLight Medical we utilize a variety of modalities to help our patients on their path to overcoming their emotional issues before they manifest into physical symptoms. These services include Medical Acupuncture, Ondamed Biofeedback Therapy, AcuGraph Qi Analysis, Reflexology and Reiki.