Introducing New Service - AcuGraph Qi Analysis

Hi everyone!  Sorry for the lack of entries as I have been busy researching, evaluating and finally bringing in a brand new service to SearchLight Medical. It is called AcuGraph and it is a digital meridian imaging system that analyzes and documents the energetic status of the acupuncture meridians. It is a totally non-invasive exam that uses a moistened probe to touch specific acupuncture points on your hands and feet. I call it the "laboratory test for your Qi." You will be able to see the actual levels of your Qi in all twelve of the meridians as well as the overall quality of your Qi. This finally is a way for me to objectively show my patients everything that I have been measuring through the pulses and muscle testing.

I introduced AcuGraph at the 4th Annual Sacred Being Health and Wellness Fair that was held on April 18, 2015 at the Locust Grove Estate in Poughkeepsie, NY. I was doing complimentary AcuGraph Qi evaluations for anyone who came by and signed up. It was an eye opening experience for everyone who got tested.  The amount of information that AcuGraph gives a patient, as well as the practitioner, is incredible. But the real value, to me, is to be able to visually share my findings with my patients. It allows me to show them exactly why they have been having specific health issues as well as explain visually how the energy affects these issues in a very detailed way.  As the saying goes...a picture is worth a thousand words!

Another huge benefit is the ability to show my patients how the energy treatments have improved their Qi. Some patients don't realize that energy work is a journey and they mistakenly think that one or two treatments are going to magically heal all of their health issues. While I wish this was the case, the reality is that everyone reacts to energy treatments differently so there is no way to truly know how many treatments somebody will need before they start to feel better.  However, with AcuGraph, I can now visually show them that they are getting better and, hopefully, this will encourage people not to abandon treatments that really will work on their health issues.

If you are interested in getting further information on AcuGraph or any of our other services, please e-mail or call me for a complimentary 15 minute consultation. Keep an eye out for more detailed information on AcuGraph when I officially add it to my services on this web site!