Welcome to Updated Website and Fall Seasonal Allergies

Hi everyone!  Welcome to my new and improved website where I now have the ability to directly communicate with the masses. My goal will be to educate everyone who is interested in methods of alternative or complementary healing. First up is the fall seasonal allergies that are just starting. One very good natural way to help strengthen your immune system is to use your local honey on a regular basis. This will expose your immune system to small amounts of pollen that the bees have collected in your area and allows your body to build up a tolerance towards these particular pollens. What that means is your body will be better prepared to fight against these allergens when they start building up in the air. Your symptoms will be much lessened and, in many cases, totally resolved.  Give it a try!

In addition, once the transition from summer to fall weather begins, we all become susceptible to getting upper respiratory viruses as our bodies adjust to the change in temperature.  One of the many acupuncture treatments I provide to my patients is called the Immune Booster treatment. I do this around the change of every season and it boosts your overall Qi energy within those meridians that govern your immune health. It is my way of providing your body with protection without giving you an injection! If you are interested in getting further information on this treatment or any of the other services, please e-mail or call me for a complimentary 15 minute consultation.